New to Methadone Maintenance Nursing: What to Expect

  1. I start my first day in a few days am I am so nervous! Does anyone have any advice or care to share how you like your job?

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  3. by   trickytrev
    Hi skittlebear, and welcome to the world of addiction nursing. I'm not sure how working in an OST Team is like in other countries, but in New Zealand it is not a specialty that get much promotion. Saying that though, I've been working in this field for going onto 10 years, and I have loved every minute of it. Working in this field can have its challenges, but can also be very rewarding.

    Due to the fact that New Zealand is quite isolated, we do not get the clients that are using the drugs that are quite common in other countries. Saying that though, I'm sure that our clients have some of the same issues that clients in other countries have. Some of these issues range from using illicit substances to treat co-existing problems, suffering from PTSD, having had underlying untreated mental health conditions, etc.

    Due to a lot of these conditions, you can understand that it can take time to build rapport with them. Most of them don't take change very well, so this also plays a factor in forming a therapeutic relationship.

    Practising in this field in New Zealand, we work from a recovery based approach, and hopefully moving away from a maintenance programme. This looks at dealing with physical issues of their addiction, as well as the psychosocial issues, which can sometimes have a larger impact on the client's lives.

    I hope that and sure that you will receive good support from your colleagues in your place of work. Remember that no question is a stupid question, and that all of us were sometime at the same stage that you are currently at. Attending training and education on addiction and working with people with substance dependence can also be of benefit.

    Once again I wish you luck in your new job.
  4. by   skittlebear
    Thank you so much TrickyTrev for your valuable insight!