1. Do any of you use this website for information?

    I've been working as a detox RN for about six months. I frequently utilize this website as a resource to understand my patient population. I've found it useful in combating the inevitable judgement that arises when a patient is nodding off in front of me and claiming anxiety of 10/10. The personal experiences of people "chasing the nod" help me to rationalize the behavior in front of me without judging it.

    Because I have never injected drugs, I didn't see the issue in wielding an insulin syringe in front of an IV heroin user. Now I do. I'm more aware of the triggers that might arise from my own actions.

    It's a message board, with threads dedicated to specific drugs. I read through it on my slow days or on an occasional night shift. It's been very useful and insightful to the perspective of a person using drugs.

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  3. by   hppygr8ful
    Just took a peek at the site. The journal articles appear to be peer reviewed. So not a bad resource for evidence based practice.