Addictions Nursing in Arizona?

  1. Hello All!

    I've been a lurker on the site since enrolling in nursing school 4 years ago and finally took the plunge and signed up!

    I finished my degree this past December and was hired on at my preceptorship site, an inpatient, medically supervised, drug and alcohol detox facility, and am loving it! However, I recently took a trip to Phoenix for a family reunion and realized how much I miss having family around. So, since many of them now live in the Phoenix area, and since Phoenix house prices are about a third of what they are here in Edmonton, Alberta (Canada), I'm thinking of making the move down south.

    Just wondering if there's any Arizona nurses that can give me the skinny on nursing in AZ? Any info about current employment climate, wages, etc would be much appreciated!

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  3. by   Rohan8
    Well. . . . You will need an AZ nursing license, or at least a US nursing license if you are going to work in a federal system. There are a ton of detox/methadone/opoid clinics in PHX. I don't believe that addiction pays as well as most other specialities. This is what I have heard from talking with other nurses but I cant verify it for sure. Most hospitals have an onine application process, but you could always look into agency work if you are moving to the Phoenix valley.