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ok. My husband keeps telling me (a CCRN for 30 years)...that they hired me as Trauma ICU RN at this level I trauma teaching hospital because I am right for the work. I am feeling a little apprehensive. I have worked med-surg, acute rehab (hospital), and med-surg tele for total of 7 years.......I am intimidated by vents.....I am grateful for total monitoring waveforms....I am scared that i will not be able to read the waveforms....I am nervous about the balances of beta, so on.....agonists and blockers....I know I am smart....organized....etc....but I will have lives of the untimeley and unfortunate in my hands.....not the elderly and the consumed so me to feel like I can do this!!!!!! I am studying a lot.....and so far CCI is not telling me what I need to know........I have faith that my brain will become a sponge again via 3 months of preceptorship......yet......well......


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I think its completely normal to feel nervous and overwhelmed,especially with so much new information to learn. I feel that as continue with yourpreceptorship you will feel more comfortable. And just think, there are new grads going right into the critical carewho are stepping into the real world of nursing for the first time. If they can do it, you can do it. Have faith in yourself and your skills.


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I agree with mmaxim; you are leaving your comfort zone, but that dosen't mean you are not prepared! Don't be afraid to ask questions!