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Acute Health situation and lack of insurance.advice needed.



1. how to get medical help if person cannot work and does not have med insurance?

2. Which support services are available to help one with anxiety and deppression disorder (like those who dealt with the same problem) and psychotherapy groups?


My neighbour family has a critical situation. But I am also not sure what to suggest them. I even don't know whom to ask so I post here.


One spouse is currently unemployed and cant work for next couple months. The other spouse ( Spouse A)got a new job about 2 months ago. But started to having some mental problems like Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Depression, the last time it happend it was about 8-10 years ago and was treated with medications only (no psychotherapy or such was performed after!). S/s was exessive crying and irrational fears. As I think it all just were suppresed with medications like Serthraline.

This spouse A now does not have any medical insurance yet (just got a job) went to a psychiatrist who gave meds again only. This spouse was on meds about 1,5 weeks but still have acute symptoms, like crying, fears, depression. and afraid to seek additional help because 1-afraid of medical bills 2-don't know some other alternatives.

What I figured out; that the problem might have subtle relapse about several months ago. Personally I saw them twice before.

But as I got spouse A was exhibiting frequent agitation, poor impuls control, hyper acitivity, and some reduced need for sleep. Now it is opposite need for more sleep, fears and crying, poor hygiene, very poor concentration on work-> which may cause another problems. So, maybe GAD, and Depression is not only the case. But there are no cognitive problems. There are apparent lack of problem solving skills. The family only tries to calm the person down, and some non professional things. They extremly afraid of possibility being hospitalized.

my suggestion was to get some professional help or even to report to hospital. But they araid to think of it because of no coverage. But there are should be some social assistance or help how to be in this situation.

Is there any social support program if person temporarily can not work and how to get needed medial help for this family? how to get it?

I think the person may loose the job soon and + current bill problems will get it worse.

Is there any social services, anxiety dealing groups etc. where they can get some at least verbal support for free?

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Have they applied for Medicaid?

Have they applied for Medicaid?

no (it was my suggestion to try to apply), their concern is if they are eligible. Their "work will give them an insurance in 2 months"- but as I see,in this condition, the person will not be able to keep it . It is too obvious that person cant function

I feel like I wasted time, when you bring several options of what to do, some people just afraid of making choices.

I felt like ideas i brought of different options are annoying. if someone preferes to stay sick he/she will stay sick.

Thanks for support and ideas.

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