Acute care RN, but no acute care positions to be found

by Wuulie Wuulie (New) New Nurse

I am a nurse with 7yrs experience in acute care including gen/surg, ICU, and ED. The hospital I work at is a level 2 trauma center with a level 1 ICU. I am moving to a small town with a critical access hospital. However, the hospital doesn't have any positions posted at this time and I am resorting to positions I never dreamed of before. And I'm scared!! haha. There is a case management position for long term care for post-acute patients. There is home health and home infusion positions. I was like, "maybe I can do infusion," but then the job description went on about experience with "IVIG, SCIG, Biologic response modifiers, and alpha 1 anti-trypsin products." And I'm like "I don't know what any of those are!!" There is a job posting for an MDS nurse as a Resident Assessment Coordinator. I can't imagine what a day on the job would be like. Have any of you had diversity in your nursing careers? How was the transition? How do you start a new job when you have no idea what it will be like?

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I don’t really have any advice to give you but if you need a job immediately, just take what is available and stay for a year and move on to a position you like better. I do understand how you feel though.....I have always been an ED nurse and never have been interested in any other area other than the ED. However, due to life circumstances, I can’t stay on night shift at my ER so I recently accepted a position where I will be cross-trained in pre-op and PACU. I am a little afraid to try something else and don’t even really want to leave my “comfort zone” which is the ER but I am approaching this with an attitude of it’s something new to learn and if I just stay a year or two, then I can go back to the ED when there is a day shift posted. The exciting thing about nursing is trying new areas!

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I personally would jump at the MDS position. It's good work if you can get it and very lucrative.

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