Acute Care NP after completing Primary Care program?


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I'm finishing my Primary Care FNP program in June and am looking into additional coursework after I graduate for my Acute Care NP.

Has anyone completed a Primary Care program and then went on to obtain their Acute Care NP certification? If so, can you tell me about your experience (e.g.: How many additional years of schooling, whether you found this to be a beneficial career move, any challenges in the transition, etc.)?

Thank you for your help and guidance!


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I'm following this too. I am in-the-process of applying to post-masters AG Acute Care NP certificate programs. I work in critical care and got hired as a critical care NP, so I feel I need to do this. Unless someone can convince me otherwise with some insight as I am not totally looking forward to more school lol.


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I'm certified as and ANP and work as a hospitalist, and I plan to stay in the inpatient world, so I decided to go back and get my AGNP-AC. I'm in a 1 year post masters program for this. It's not too bad except that you have to do pretty much 500 clinical hours which has been hard while working full time. There are some inpatient jobs in certain states that are requiring the Acute Care certification and I don't want to be limited. Also, I am worried that as programs all move towards DNP that at some point a post masters won't be an option and you'll have to do the DNP, but I could be wrong about that.

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I know a few nurses who have both and I one of my instructors (brilliant lady) who has 4 np certs Acute care, family, peds, and adult gero. Do what keeps you marketable and viable in the workforce!