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Acute Care Jobs?

by chrystal123 chrystal123 (New) New

I'm having trouble finding a CNA position in a hospital, I have no experience, but I'm in a nursing program, so I thought that would count for something :/. No call back though, any advice would help. I'm honestly trying to get a entry level position to try and get my foot in the door, so I have a easier time getting a job when I graduate as a RN. Any words of wisdom??

Wow I really need to type my answer to this question, and then SAVE IT and COPY and PASTE IT everytime I need it the 3 to 4 times a week that I see this questioned asked.

Ok here goes... You being in nursing school can be helpful but it is not a golden ticket into working a Hospital CNA position. Not all, but Most hospitals want to see that you have at LEAST a years worth of CNA experiance on your resume before working for them.

Hospital CNA jobs are very coveted and there are a lot of apps that go in for a single job posting. I would dare say that there could be over 100 apps for one job posting easy.

My Advise would be look for a CNA job outside of the hospital and put in your time. After getting experiance your resume will look a lot more appealing to them and you will have a better chance at getting noticed.

There are plenty of options for you as well. Look at Vet Homes and Hospitals, Hospice, Homes for the Disabled, LTC, Retirment Homes, Home Care, Rehab. Just to name a few.