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Acute Care for the Elderly position at a hospital - is it a good job for a new grad?


I'm a new grad and am looking at a position on an Acute Care for the Elderly (ACE) floor at a hospital. Though I only graduated a few weeks ago, I feel desperate to get a job. As many of you know, the job market is tough right now!

I'm most curious because I hope to pursue a degree as a CRNA and am not sure if this position will give me the job experience I need when I apply to CRNA programs down the road. Also, I'm just concerned how much "skills" experience I'm going to gain generally.

Does anyone have any advice? I need feedback!


If this is all you can get TAKE IT. You will be surprised what you can learn. It will be much easier then to take a job in an department which would be considered a good launching pad for CRNA. If you can get lines into 90 year old veins you can do anyone.


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CRNA programs require intensive care experience. However, elderly people are all around us, no matter where you practice, so I think the ACE unit would provide great experience. Elders often have multiple conditions and many medications, so they are complex and interesting patients. I say: take the job, then move to ICU when you can.

Thanks Teresag_CNS. Your words of wisdom and encouragement make me feel so much better. I've been so scared on the one hand about finding a job, and on the other, of what the best job will be. I appreciate the feedback.

Thank you Granny Gidget. I would like to get in an ICU but the job market is so tough! Your feedback is so helpful.

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