Active Duty Military Member Seeking Career Guidance


I'm in need of future career counseling. Currently I am an active duty Coastguardsmen; deployed 8-10 months out of the year. So far I've found it confusing researching on the best path to choose.

My Goal-To become elligible for a BSN program in 2 years

My Problem-The next 2 years I will be deployed 8-10 months per year

I've looked into online schooling and it seems impossible to receive an Associates in Nursing 100% online. Due to the hands on schooling procedures. Which I understand. So my thought process was looking into Associates in Applied Sciences degrees. I found one on AMU (American Militray University). It is 100% online and it is an Associates in Applied Sciences in Health Sciences. Which I imagine correlates well to nursing.

The issue I keep coming across is I'm finding RN-BSN programs. Does this mean I have to become a registered nurse before I can apply to a Bachelor's in Nursing program? Or would an Associates in Applied Science degree hold enough weight to apply? Or is it possible to to apply for a BSN with 0 schooling?

Any useful information would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.


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I'm not 100% sure, and I'm in the process of trying to decide which path to take also. I spoke with a nursing program counselor this week at my local community college, and she said that I could get my associate in applied science at their school, and then do the last 2 years of nursing at the University of North Carolina Wilmington. I could become a LPN at Coastal Carolina Community College, or get my Associate Registered Nursing Degree there

So, from what she told me I would think an Associate in Applied Science would be a good starting point for you. If you know what college you want to attend for your BSN you could just try to get all of your English, Psychology, Science, and Math online.

I'm considering applying for the Fall 2016 LPN program, because I have a part-time job with our family business (that I don't want to quit) and a 2 year old lol. If I take Anatomy and Physiology this year, and renew my CPR card, I will only have 4 classes of nursing to be able to get my license. And then hopefully bridge to RN and BSN.

Good luck with your studies! I hope you post your final decision on the forum.

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Well, my advice is to look at 2-3 schools in the general location that you want to work and take a peek at their requirements for a BSN or ADN program. Ideally, I would pick 3 BSN programs and 2 ADN programs. Research what each one requires, the cost, the location, the passing rate of NCLEX, etc.

Next, talk to the schools and find out what they require and what schools they will accept credits from. I don't know much about American Military University so find out how the credits from there will transfer to ensure you are taking the proper classes as many schools may have two to three different levels of similar classes like chemistry or anatomy.

The issue is that for most BSN schools they want a set of classes complete and not a degree. Meaning you can get an associates degree but if it does not have the right classes then you will spend time repeating the classes. An associates degree isn't necessary in order to transfer credits. However, for an RN to BSN program you would need to have an associates in nursing and already have an RN license. I don't recommend getting a degree that may or may not transfer well. It is better to find out what classes you will need to take in order to transfer. If the health sciences offers a 100 level class for anatomy but the nursing program wants a 200 level class, then you would be stuck taking the 200 level anatomy. Even if there is a 200 level anatomy, the nursing program may not accept it at the 200 level anyway and require you to take a different 200 level anatomy.