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I'm going to be taking the ACT ASSET test for the college next Wednesday to see where I stand. I only have to take the Math portion of the test which consists of Elementary Algebra & Intermediate Algebra. If you score high enough you won't have to take any math classes and you have to score so high to be able to get into the Biology class. It's been about 5 years since i've taken any math classes and that was at the last college I was where I got my AA degree. I've gone through some websites online that the college provided to help prepare myself for the test but that only takes me so far. I was wondering if anyone knew any other great sites to use or any textbooks to buy to help myself study more for this?

I also came across a website called yourteacher.com that has a bunch of lessons online and test to take to help prepare yourself but i'm always a little nervous of these sites.

Any input would be great!