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Who's had experience keeping up their ACLS when traveling? It seems like everywhere I go, the hospital has either just done their ACLS classes, the classes are full, or (like now) all the classes in the area are done on weekends and I'm working straight weekends. It's a major hassle to try to find a class anywhere, including when I'm what I loosely refer to as home (which isn't any more, but that's another thread), and to add insult to injury, my recruiter tells me that my agency does not pay for ACLS renewal. I know it can be done online, but mine just expired while I was trying to work something out....can I still do it? Otherwise I'm going to have to take a big break until I can find a class, or just go med/surg, not my preference.


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Try local community colleges- they often have ACLS classes available.

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Look in the yellow pages, might other facilities or agencies have it??

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