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I would like to get my ACLS certification as painlessly as possible, and by "painlessly" I mean cheaply and quickly.

The cheapest way (in fact, I would be making money by attending the classes) would be to get certified through my hospital, but evidently they only hold classes once or twice year and only allow nurses to participate that 1.) have been with the hospital for at least a couple of years (I have not) and when 2.) the hospital is more or less guaranteed a return on their investment (apparently most nurses who get certified immediately move on to more lucrative careers elsewhere).

And so, my nursing colleagues of GA, do you have any recommendations for a legit, inexpensive program that could help one attain an ACLS certification?

Thanks in advance.

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The only thing I could suggest is maybe to call your local fire dept or county fire department. Alot of those guys teach ACLS. I am not sure if anyone one person/place differs in the amount they charge.


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Probably not the cheapest way, but a 'legit' way, contact your local American Heart Assoc. They offer the classes. Also, a local teaching hospital here offers ACLS certs, you just have to buy and read the book before attending the class. You might want to check your local tech school also. Many tech schools offer ACLS classes throughout the year. Good Luck.


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I ran into the same problem, I could never get into an ACLS class at the hospital so I took matters into my own hands. It was not cheap but it worked with my schedule and I actually had fun.

I went through (if you are in the ATL metro area). They mailed my ACLS book the day I registered, along with their study guide, and the instructor is a RN/fire fighter I believe.

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I'm not sure what your back round or education level is, but there are a few reasons most hospitals only allow nurses, paramedics or physicians to take an ACLS course. First these classes are in high demand as I'm sure you're already aware, & since there are those who need this training & certification to perform there duties within most compliance regulations they generally get first crack. Additionally there are 3 basic differences between advance & basic life support. Those are the presence and legal ability to use, insert, or administer an advance airway, an AED or standard defibrillator and IV medications. If your legal scope of practice allows for these procedures than you should get this training and certification; it will increase your marketability. However I suspect from reading your postings this isn't the case. So I encourage you to return to the academic scene and achieve additional education and a degree for you to facilitate this. Just don't stop there because there is so much more than an ACLS certification that is necessary to truly be an asset in any setting that requires it. Good luck!

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