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For "nurse practitioner--specialty care" in my urban west coast area, my current salary (high 90s) is tabulated at approximately the 50% percentile. The top quartile is $107K to $117K.

While this seems high, a few things to consider: 1) few people talk about what they make; 2) when I have had discussions about salary, they appear to be all over the map; and 3) salaries for new NPs in medicine sub-specialties appear to be rising. I know three or four NPs with a lot of RN experience who were hired into their first NP job at $90K to $95. Some are hospital based, some are private practice. None are in surgical specialties.

Question: what kind of correlation do you see between your geographic area and salaries listed on sites such as and Do you have access to other data sets (MGMA, etc) for verification?

The administrator at my current practice says the number is high; I have no data for a response to her.

Thanks very much.


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Well I live in Houston, TX and the salary seems to be b/w mid 90's to 120's depending on your specialty. I know some NP's just don't like to discuss salary as well.


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I work for the gov't and I'm in the south. I do 35 - 40hrs a week, no call, no weekends. I Do flex schedule because we have 2 docs plus me. I don't make what you guys make but for my geographical area I am above the norm at 85K with annual raises. & many gov't holidays... I used to work within a private practice and the hrs were aweful. and no holidays except for whem he took off I had to take off... and unpaid call.... thank heavens I wised up..... and went looking....


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I just looked up for my location I am above the 90%..... I knew I was high but didn't know how high...

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