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Hi folks,

Unlike other professional careers which have one accreditation board (i.e. engineering), nursing appears to have two; NLN (All degree/diploma programs) and CCNE (Bachelor's and graduate programs).

I have noticed quite a few schools dropping their NLN certification for the CCNE. Although this does not seem to affect getting licensed as a nurse at any level (?), I was wondering if employers prefer one accrediation over another?

Any info anyone has on this is appreciated, I am trying to select a degree program to get my RN license. I have searched the forums and have not seen this mentioned anywhere. Maybe it really is not a big issue in nursing, but I know that in engineering if you do not get your degree from an accredited program, you can not get your PE license in most states :uhoh21: .


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I cannot in a million years imagine an employer taking into account how your school was accredited. I don't particularly think they even take into account what school you graduated from.

They do like that license, however.

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Very few, if any, hospital would care which agency accredited your school. What matters is that you have your license. I can foresee a time when graduate schools might prefer the one over the other, but not even that has happened yet.



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I have never seen, nor been asked what school i graduated from, what country it was in, and what type of school it was. They ask to see your license and is it current.....Thats about it...Now maybe if your going into research or something like that, it might be important, but general clinical nursing........A unrestricted license is like a pot of gold.........It doensnt matter how you got it, but that you got it.....

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