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Accepting Gifts from Patient


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Just need some input here.

Now I know that nurses are not allowed to accept gifts from patients. However, in my current clinical placement, it is very common for patients to share food and such with each other as well as with the nurses and care aides. It is a rehabilitation place, and while it is a hospital, the environment itself resembles more of that of a home. A lot of the routines that goes on there resembles more of a home setting than hospital--for example, patients are mandated to be dressed in street clothes, eat meals in the dining room, and medications are given with their meals in the dining room. It is a very casual, informal setting.

So my question is, if a patient offers a pack of cracker, would it consider accepting gift from the patient? I've had this happen to me today, and what I did was to defer the cracker to another patient. I'm just seeing what everybody's input is.



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I dont know the fine line of answering this question. However, personally I am too afraid to cross the line so I would err on the side of caution and just say "No thank you, I'm full, but I appreciate the offer".... even if its harmless I just wouldn't want to even come close to breeching. What one might perceive as a mere cracker someone else might perceive as a diamond ring, so I just wouldn't. JMHO....good luck