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I am so excited.:balloons: I turned in my application packet to Toledo School of Practical Nursing today.

They gave me a start date of January 2010.

I have been accepted and I am now officially a Licenced Practical Nursing student.:nurse:

Means I will graduate January 2011.

Next comes orientation and financial aid seminar.:chair:

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Congrats on getting accepted. I just got accepted to the Jan 11 class and I am very excited. Can you give me any tips on how it is there? Are the classes literally all day m-F? Do you feel prepared for the boards? Its almost time for you to graduate are you excited. I am very ready for this journey. I just want to talk to someone who is in the program or has graduated to tell me what it is like. I am from Michigan so I will be traveling everyday, I wonder how that is going to be. Please give me any information that you can.

I will REALLY appreciate it

Thanks again


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