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Accepted/Past Baycare EAYL students....question


In order to apply and be considered, do you have to have COMPLETED A&P I and II? Because I know SPC, they will consider you for acceptance even if you are in the midst of completing your last pre-req (for me A&P II)

I am taking A&P II in the spring and wanted to apply to the EAYL program. But now I am thinking I can't. :cry:


The way I read the recent guidelines from SPC is you have to have completed A&P 1 &2 before applying. The only ones you can still be taking are Statistics and Micro, and even complete those after being accepted. That's just the way I read it with the asteriks next to these classes. Not quite sure about the EAYL program though...even though I think they sort of run with the same guidelines (?).