Accepted! Now i need to know what to do


Hey guys! I got an acceptance letter to one of the nursing programs I applied to :)) It is a diploma program (RN). I just want to know what I should do during the summer while I wait to start. Are there certain things that I should really review? I am looking for any helpful tips for this journey as well! I cannot wait to start and thank you in advance for anything you post.


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I start the RN program TNCC in 1 month. From my experience so far to get yourself ahead of the game I would make sure all your immunizations are up to date: Tdap, Varicella, MMR. If they are, be able to provide documentation. It will save you so much trouble than having to scramble to get them before school starts.


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The comment about your immunizations is correct, but you will most likely not be doing a clinical rotation your first semesters and if that is the case, just check to see if you are up to date on all your series type shots. Ensure you have all your questions answered and know your schedule, teachers, room assignments ... the basic stuff. If you know of someone that went to the school you are going to pick their brain and ask for a syllabus from someone that is finishing the courses you are going into (just to get a feel of the content).

Make sure you keep an A&P book (just for reference), and get your mind reading for pathophysiology (basically the abnormal side of A&P), Fundamentals (foundation of the nursing profession), and maybe Health Assessments (how to assess the diseases learned in patho). If you discovered that you are weak in an area identified by your pre reqs., lightly go over that material especially if it pertains to the classes you are about to take (calculations/conversions, heart, body systems, etc.) and remember you made it this far so when no one is looking go ahead and dance a little!!!

Best of luck