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I got accepted last week, but the app on my phone wasn't working, then I got strep throat and went into a haze of sleep for about a week. Now I can finally celebrate! After 8 years as a CNA and part-time college (and a detour through a BS in psychology) I have finally gotten accepted. It is an ADN program. I am so excited and scared! Any advice for working full-time with nursing school? I have only one math class I may need, but besides that, I only have the core nursing courses.



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Congrats! I actually am finishing up my pre reqs there at lccc, but going for my bsn at cedar crest in the fall. Lccc has a great nursing program and teachers. Ive actually met some of them and they are all sweet hearts and amazing! Best of luck! :)


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Hi Zibi, I just searched for anyone in cedar crest or going there and you post came up. Will be going in summer '15. How do you like the program especially, the clinical. Your opinion will be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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@studentnursemon86 - congratulations! I am interested in that school but can't find a lot of info on their website. Do they have a points system? Or do they go by your TEAS score? CONGRATS again and good luck!

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