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I have a dilemma.

I had been applying for positions as a new grad (1yr of community nursing). I had an interview end of June on one of the only units that called regarding my resume. I received an offer first week of July and was given 2 days to decide. I knew this is not the unit I would want to stay on forever, but this is the only unit that has showed interest in having me as an employee.

I entered into nursing to work NICU or L&D. I figured chances were slim to none as there has been no postings in the last 6mths. I accepted the offer for the unit above to get my foot in the door and experience under my belt. Offer is contingent upon background check and physical with a start date of August 13th.

Two weeks after accepting this offer, a FT NICU position was posted. I applied and received a call just today for an interview. This is my dream. During my call with the NICU manager she seemed great and seemed interested in me as an employee. I scheduled an interview for Thursday. Regardless - it'll be good experience to go to an interview.

Both jobs are within the same company - different hospitals.

I am completely stuck. If i were to be offered this NICU position, should I take it? These positings are slim to none and this is where I want to spend my career. Im worried that both positions are within the same company. I have no interest burning any bridges. This is my life long career.

What would you do?

Well, you can always put off your anxiety until you get the second offer! Other than that, I would prepare for getting the second offer, accepting it, and graciously removing yourself from the first offer. I am glad I am not in your place!

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