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Accepted, which to choose?


I was accepted at Spring Arbor and the Catholic University of America's FNP programs. Waiting to hear back from Chamberlain. What was most important to you in deciding where to go? Finding it hard to decide.

I'm starting Spring Arbor's program in June. I did like what I have read on the posts on all nurses from current students and like the 1 class at a time for 7 weeks idea. Everyone has been professional and I like that they have a brick and mortar vs strictly online.

SopranoKris, BSN, RN

Specializes in Critical Care. Has 5 years experience.

I am doing my FNP with Chamberlain. I finished my RN-to-BSN with them and am able to get the alumni rate for my FNP. They include books in the cost of the program as well as providing a review course to prepare you for the boards, so you don't have to spend $ out of pocket on your own review course. The classes are 8 weeks and it's online, only one 2 and a half day campus visit required before starting clinicals. I am also able to double-up on the core courses (e.g. theory, policy, leadership, etc.). Once I start the FNP specialty courses, I have to go back to one at a time (e.g. Patho, Pharm, Health Assessment, etc). For a new Chamberlain student, the cost of the entire program including books & fees is $39K. With the alumni rate, it is $4,500 less.

As a night shift nurse, the courses fit in to my schedule well, since there are no set log in times. Everything is organized and I feel their BSN courses were very well run. If you follow the course rubric in the syllabus, you'll come through with flying colors. I will still be able to work full time (three 12 hour shifts Fri, Sat & Sun) and do my clinicals, which are 125 hours each 8 week session, roughly 18 hours per week. I'll be doing two 9 hour days for clinicals. I've already set up my preceptors and clinical site.