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Accepted to 2 Cal States...???

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I just got accepted into the Nursing Program at Cal State Long Beach and I was wondering if accept the spot at Long Beach, will it affect my chances of getting accepted into the Nursing Program at Cal State San Bernardino? I will be living closer to San Bernardino and that is why it is my first choice. Does anyone have any experience with this???


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I would accept CSULBs offer until you hear from CSUSB.

That would mean, you would also need to notify CSULA (I already answered you in another thread) that you will not be attending their program.....ASAP....as in Monday, if your choosing CSULB.

I am possibly an alternate at CSULA and the people in the program really need to know if you are not attending as they are still sending acceptances (hopefully). Let CSULB know you are 'attending their program'

When CSUSB sends you the acceptance into their program, call CSULB and tell them you changed your mind. That way alternates at CSULB can take your place.

Congrats on CSULB acceptance!

And again, CSUSB decision will not be affected if you choose to temporarily attend another program while waiting for their results.

How would CSUSB know your going to temporarily take another programs acceptance?

That is right, they wouldn't so. Sit back, enjoy your summer. Complete CSULBs stuff, just in case you do not get into CSUSB. CSULB has a GREAT program.

Good luck!