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Hi, I'm new to this forum and I just got accepted into OLOL Tulane accelerated nursing program. Just wondering who else got in and where your living. I was reading about how classroom and clinical are split up...looks tough but what do you expect for a 10 month program right? Anyways, I know theres a few people on this forum that have also been accepted (I've been a reading a few posts) so I hope to hear from you guys.


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I was also accepted into the Tulane program so I will be seing you all soon. I was concerned because Im finishing the last two pre-reqs over the summer (Chem & A&PII). As soon as the summer semester ends the Tulane program starts so Im getting no break in between, but im ready to start. I live pretty close to Tulane in the broadmoor area of N.O. so that's a real plus!


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Yea, luckily I had all my prerequisites taken in my undergrad, but I'm taking summer courses for grad school through the beginning of I'm with ya on that one. I also have to complete the CPR class and the rest of the health packet. Pretty nice that you already live there, I live in Lafayette so I'm definitely going to have to get a place in nola.


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Saw where you were in the OLOL program at Tulane. I have applied for Spring 2011 and wanted to get some insight from someone who is finishing the program. Also how long did it take to hear from them after application deadline?


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Good Luck....Study...Study....Study...:)

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