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Acceptance Odds/Questions

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As much as I know that you aren't acceptance counselors and really it is on a person to person basis, I wanted to try and ask anyways about your stats getting accepted into NP programs! It helps me to hear other individual's stories and journeys as I prepare my own. 

As for me, I am currently finishing up my junior year in my BSN program. I have intentions of returning for my masters, and I am leaning towards AGACNP (but FNPs are much more prevalent in my area so I am still doing research and debating). I have a 3.73-ish GPA currently, which is what I will most likely be applying with because applications open up before my next semester ends. My nursing GPA is 3.9 (my prerequisites include some dual-credit courses from high school that drag down my cumulative, unfortunately!). I worked as a patient care technician for about 6 months in one of our regional medical centers and now as a nurse apprentice (RN extern) in a specialized critical care unit as well as a COVID-19 quarantine center for the homeless population. As for extra things that I am hopeful could benefit my application- I was selected for a pretty big Scholarship/honor in my area in 2019, I created and carried out a hygiene drive on my campus for a homeless shelter in my city in my populations' course, and then, of course, I have a few nice letters of recommendation from instructors. 
I guess my question is with this background of myself, do any of you feel like I could have a shot at acceptance to NP programs based off of your own experiences? I also have mixed feelings on going straight through versus working as an RN for a while and going back. In a perfect world I would go right through and get it out of the way because that is my end goal (and I am looking at programs that do not REQUIRE experience) but on the other hand I definitely appreciate and value the experience of the role I will have as an RN and I know that could help my odds as well as benefit me as a provider. I wonder if any of you had similar stats and got accepted. For reference, I live in IN but am looking at programs in surrounding states as well as TN. Again, I know you can't just say oh you will/won't be accepted! Just simply curious about everyone elses stats and what you think of my odds. 🙂 Thanks guys.  

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     Did you check out Indiana State? I just graduated from their FNP program and passed AANP with flying colors! I am living in GA and was in CA. It was a fantastic program! Yes, they do require one year of nursing experience. It depends on you. If you have that drive then go for it! For me personally, I really appreciated having the nursing experience under my belt. I feel like I (personally) would have struggled with concepts had I not been working. It sounds like you would have a really fantastic resume to turn in. I had a similar GPA but no extras like you have! I had just gone to work as an RN. I was on some committees at work and had good letters of rec to turn in. 

    I would find out pass rates for the programs you are interested in. ISU FNP had a 100% pass rate last year. When I initially was interested in "a certain school" they would not tell me at the time their pass rates and were starting new students I believe every 6 weeks?  It just did not give me a good feeling when I called. It was not the school for me. Just really do your research on which program will help you thrive as a provider because ultimately we want to provide people with confident and competent care when we get out there! Good luck in your decision making! 

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