Acceptance into a nursing program with a low gpa (with explaination)?


Hello everybody. I'm new here, and I'd greatly appreciate any advice you have for me on this subject. I am applying to both MSN and ABSN programs in Massachusetts. The problem is that my gpa is 2.8 from undergrad. I'm wondering how rigid schools are about the gpa, especially the MSN programs because that is my first choice. Basically my first two years in undergrad were horrible because of a couple issues in my personal life. The last two years I had above a 3.25 every semester. There's a definite "shift" in my grades, but the last two years only pulled the cumulative gpa up to a 2.8. Fast forward: I was accepted into and completed a master's of journalism at Columbia University, have worked as journalist for some prestigious outlets and have taken the prereqs for nursing schools - got As and mostly Bs, science gpa is a 3.2. Will I have a chance getting into a program even though my undergrad gpa is blemished?


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Some schools only look at your last 60 credits. Some look at both your cumulative and your pre-req GPA separately. The 'great life experience card' is easier to play when your pre-req grades are higher. Did your journalism grad school not help your GPA much? Look for schools that value experience over grades and good luck!


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Well, the program I was in only used a Pass/Fail system. So it's a wash. I called Curry today and the adviser said the selections committee looks at the entire package.

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My school only looks at prereq GPA, which for me was a lot higher than my overall. Maybe consider a school like that?