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Acceptance Letter

by ShelbyReade ShelbyReade (New) New

I received my acceptance letter yesterday. I will be starting my part time night LPN program in January!!!! I am beyond excited, screaming on the inside. I am just so happy and nervous and anxious all rolled into one.

Congrats! I would suggest start looking up study tips and take advantage of the tips in this forum. I wish you success. I just finished my first week of my LVN program and I'm liking it so far.

Congratulations:):up: I've been there. The feeling will have you bouncing off the walls. Write a letter to yourself explaining why you want to be a nurse. Our Nursing Fundamentals instructor told us to do that and it helped some students when they were stressed about the pace of the material. You said yours is part time so that might not be a problem for you. Good luck:smug:

Congratulations, I also just received my acceptance letter. Best wishes to you.

Congratulations to you too and best of luck. We got this!!!!

Thank you and yes we do have this. How long is your program?

Where is the school locate ?

Southeastern Regional, Easton Massachusetts

18 months ....4 more semesters

Start saving as much money as possible, get plenty of sleep now because you want when it start. Come up with a schedule and back up plan on childcare if possible. Part time or full time .....still want have a life .. Or should I say time for anything but studying. Congratulations í ½í¸Š