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Lets say I complete the 6 of the 10 liberal arts classes - and I apply to a nursing program and get in --- Do i HAVE to start the nursing classes immediately, or can I finish my liveral arts classes, then start the nursing classes?

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Depends on the requirements of your school, best way to get the right answer would be to call their admissions or nursing departments


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I would just apply & wait to see if you have met the req.s when they send you a letter regarding your evaluation. If you can't bare the anticipation, call them now. The website of the school that I got accepted into stated that OrganiChem needed to be completed prior to the start of the 1st nursing class, but I didn't care I applied. After I got my acceptance letter I called them to verify if I needed to take OrganiChem over the summer, they told me that the req.s changed this past year stating that OrganiChem CAN be taken prior to, but can also be taken concurrently w/ the 1st nursing course.

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At my school they have several start dates for the program. 30 students start all year long eight weeks apart. The decision of who gets in is done in March the year before. Who scores highest gets to choose when they start. So if you score at the top you can choose to start first or in the spring. If you score near the bottom you are more likely to start in the later part of the year. Either way, you will have time to finish what needs to be done. Only A&P, Eng 1&2, and Psych 1 need to be complete before applying. So, once you get accepted if you are not done with everything else, the pressure is on. I chose to do everything I could before I applied which left me with the summer off to sit here begging for something to study because i am too excited at getting in to be idle. Crazy! :clown: Call the school. The nursing program secretary is probably your best bet. Good Luck!!!!

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