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Hello to all,

I am a potential nursing student. I am in the process of taking prereqs. I finished at Stonybrook with a bachelors in Bus. Admin. looking to get into an accelerated program. Looking at two schools Molloy and NYU. NYU's positives is the program is 15 months and the name is reputable. The name alone attracts me to it. Downfall is the tuition is extremely high and commute is far (coming from longisland). Molloy's benefits is it has a dual degree program which enables me to get my undergrad while working towards my graduate degree. Tuition is reasonable, location is great, and can finish within 5 semesters (whatever that means- need to find out more from advisor) Downfall may be is if it can compete with an education frm NYU. Obviously don't want to go somewhere that will not shape me to become a qualified nurse.

Can anyone advise me on the two schools or recommend a school in the NY area. I just want to make the right choice as it is a big step in a new career.

Thanks in advance to all that respond!!!!!


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Last I knew, Stoneybrook had a 12 month AccBSN..check their nursing school site.


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I think LIU also has an accelerated program.

No matter what school you go to, youll have to take the same test to get your license. Instead of focusing on the names of the schools, check out their passing rates for the licensure exam.

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