Accelerated vs. Non-Accelerated Bridge


My school is spreading a one-credit course over the span of a full semester. This means I will be in school for 18 months. I've been looking around for accelerated programs, but I'm afraid I've missed out on the application deadlines for most schools. I'd like to try to do a Summer bridge course and be done with third and fourth semesters by this time next year. I think my only option may be Rasmussen, but tuition will be extremely expensive. Is it worth it to save six months of schooling? Or is there an online or hybrid program anyone knows about that is still accepting students? I'm willing to relocate. I'm in Wisconsin.

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Can you provide more details?  Are you talking LPN to RN?

 Is  the one credit hour class the "transition to RN" class?

How much time do you save by going to an "accelerated" program?

Do you know for sure that you've missed the deadlines for the other programs?