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What are some accelerated 1 year BSN programs in Texas? I have B.S. in biology 3.0 GPA and pre-nursing GPA 3.7. I am also interested in doing research. Ideally I would want to find a program that does clinical rotations in the Texas Medical Center (TMC). Any suggestions would be helpful.

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If you're keen on TMC rotations, I would advise you to focus on UT HSC, UTMB, TWU, & TAMU-PV. Competition for admission to accelerated programs is extremely steep and based on cumulative GPA. Although TMC facilities are stellar, there really isn't much difference in undergrad rotations in TMC and other acute care facilities because pre-licensure student experiences do not need to include any of the highly specialized areas that characterize these facilities. They are awash with MSN students also - THEY have access to those areas.

I would advise you to focus on just getting admitted to a program rather than trying to be choosy about clinical training sites. You are also going to find that generic BSN programs are more lenient on admission criteria than accelerated programs.


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Thank you! Does it matter which nursing school I receive my BSN from? I do not really understand the nursing school ranking system. Does a BSN from one of these institutions make a newly minted graduate more marketable in terms of finding a job. I am particularly interested in ICU or clinical research upon graduation. What kind of job would a new graduate expect and how can I obtain a position in ICU at a major hospital? What kind of experiences and skills should I be developing?