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I am currently a senior in college and I am looking into accelerated programs after I graduate. I currently have a 3.28 and I am worried that I will not get in anywhere. But all the classes that are required prerequisites I have gotten As and Bs. I currently work in the ER as a tech, so I think that will help with the experience I am getting. Has anyone applied or gotten accepted to an accelerated program? If so, what were major flags for the application?



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I will be applying to an accelerated BSN next year. As far as I know (and I have done an extensive research in this department), your stats are good. Many schools require GPA to be 3.00 and up. You got all As and Bs in your science prereqs, so this is great! And, having that experience in ER will definitely be a major plus. However, many schools do look at your GPA and entrance exam test scores more than they do your relevant experience/volunteering. To widen your option, you can consider applying to multiple schools, both in state and out of state. If you do choose to go for an out-of-state school, consider your financial aid options. My most valuable advice to you is, whatever school/s you decide to apply, make sure you tailor your application to meet the requirements of that school/s. Most schools I have research require a CV/resume and at least one essay (some require 2, even 3). Spend some time working on both CV and your essay. Some schools, even though may not require in-person interviews, may ask for a video essay (optional). If that is the case, take advantage of it.

I hope it helps!