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Accelerated Nursing in Virginia

Purple8 Purple8 (New) New

Hi everyone ������,

I just joined allnurses.com.

I would like to pursue an accelerated nursing program.

So far, the schools I have been considering are George Mason University, George Washington University, Virginia Commonwealth University,Shenandoah University and Marymount University. I haven't yet narrowed my choices and will need some advice to do that.

Has anyone being part of the accelerated nursing program in any of the five schools mentioned above? How was your experience like at the school? How was the application and admission process like? Would you recommend the school to someone and why?

Please,all views are welcome.

Thank you.

windsurfer8, BSN

Specializes in Psych/Military Nursing. Has 14 years experience.

MU. What do you mean the "application process"? You apply and then you will have a lot of work to do. Same at every school. Would I recommend? Well depends on how much money you have. Private schools are VERY expensive and living in northern VA is VERY expensive. If you can afford it yes I think it is a great school and good program. Be realistic with your finances. Good luck.

Hi windsurfer8. I do agree that private schools are expensive and I must be realistic with my finances too.

I do want to broaden my choices that is why I am applying to private schools as well,especially when admission slots at most public schools like George Mason University are not much and it is highly competitive too.

Thank you.