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Accelerated nursing


Hello everyone!

My name is Ermira Berisha, aka Mira or Em. I graduated from Sacred Heart University in May 2014 with a Bachelor's in Business Administration. I graduated with a 3.2, I hate my GPA but at the time, I was working 30-40 hours a week (sometime more) trying to help pay for school, while babysitting, caring for my family (cooking, cleaning, etc). During that time I developed depression, anemia, twice I had kidney stones and carpel tunnel which gets really painful. So I had a great deal of exhaustion, and did not take college seriously the first two years, but I managed to finish my degree on time and leave with an increase in grades! I am currently taking prerequisite course at a local community college and applying for summer/fall 2015 accelerated nursing programs. I live in Trumbull, Ct and I really want to move to Boston, Ma. So far, I am applying to UMass, Regis, Curry and MGH. I work as a caregiver for an elderly lady in a private home and I volunteer at a local hospital in the NICU and Ambulatory Care. I love the NICU and I want to be a NICU RN. I also want to get my masters in nursing. Later on, I would love to be a nurse practitioner and use my business degree in the mix.

I am afraid that I will not get accepted to any of these schools. I do not want to waste anytime, and I am hoping that one of these schools will accept me. I want to start as soon as I finish these prerequisite courses in may of 2015. Besides UMass, the other schools are direct entry. I bought a TEAS practice text book to help me pass it because UMass requires it. I will definitely try my hardest to get A's in my prerequisite courses.

Does anyone recommend me do anything else, or do you think I could get accepted to any of these schools? Does anyone recommend me to apply to more schools? If so, which ones? I am looking at schools in or around Boston area.

Please Help!!!

Thank you and Good luck to all applying this year!!!

3.2 isn't too bad, some schools have 3.0 as entrance GPA - make sure you do well in your science pre-reqs. You will most likely get into at least one of those schools. Have you talked with admission staff? They will normally look at your transcripts and be honest if it looks like something they would not accept. Salem State is a great school, and also is more affordable - my friend just got started there and she had a 3.4 GPA Bachelor's in Bio.There are good programs at Mass College of Pharmacy, Northeastern, Endicott, UMASS Lowell, and Simmons - you could look into more if you feel like you are not going to get in.

Thank you, I have been in touch with admissions through emailing only. I think I will ask them if I am doing okay for their program, should I just asked them straight up, let them know my concerns? I will also look into the other schools. I really wish I can stay in or near the Boston area and not too far away. Thanks!