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Accelerated Nursing Programs in Canada?

by DestinedWalnut DestinedWalnut (New) New

Hello - I was wondering if anyone has a list of or knowledge of which Canadian schools offer accelerated nursing programs (IE less than two years)? Thank you VERY much!

Programs at Trent, Humber, University of Western Ontario, University of Toronto and York have condensed nursing programs some lasting 1.5 years to some lasting about 3.5 years. You can check out the websites to these Universities and see their specific requirements and length of their 2nd entry programs.

The CASN list (link above) is missing the University of Ottawa Second Entry Nursing program, which is under 2 years - a spring/summer term catching you up on second year requirements, followed by 3rd and 4th year (with no summer session in between, from what I understand). However, their program starts in May (with a deadline of Dec), unlike most Sept start programs, so the deadline has passed for a 2013 start date.

I wouldn't consider any of the above programs accelerated since applicants need a minimum of 2 years of university level courses completed including the required pre-requisites and admission is not even guaranteed. Many second-entry nursing students already have a degree so 6 years for a BScN isn't really accelerated. Traditionally private career colleges were offering accelerated nursing programs mainly practical nursing but here in Ontario those are completely removed.