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Hello community!

I'm currently a senior at Oregon State University, expecting to graduate in spring 2018. After graduation, I intend to pursue an accelerated BSN (and thereafter a DNP).

I need input and advice on working during an accelerated BSN program. I currently work full-time as a medical assistant in a clinic setting. I have absolutely no choice but to continue working while in school; I live alone and support myself. I have no financial support from family (my mother is disabled and my father deceased). I wouldn't be opposed to going down to part-time work or discontinuing work altogether if I could finagle a way of keeping myself afloat during the program. I'm an excellent student and I have strong time-management skills; I have no concerns at all about keeping up with the academic workload.

Anyone with advice, tips, tricks, things I haven't investigated? I'd appreciate any insight. Thank you!


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I have heard that most accelerated BSN programs discourage students from working full-time during the course of the programs. However, working part-time, is not advised, but still manageable. My first suggestion to you is, you have quite some time before you apply to start saving the money, in case you will completely quit working for the duration of the program (12/15 months). Cut down on anything that is not a necessity. Also, to give you some healthcare experience, you may want to get your CNA certification and work part-time this way. The pay sucks, but you still have a job/income come in, and you gain an experience. Another idea is, if you ok working with kids, you can work as a substitute, while also working as a CNA part-time. The choice is yours. Also, seek into applying for some state aid, like medicaid to at least have health insurance. I know you will need one as you go through your program.