Accelerated BSN vs MSN-E??


I recently received my B.S in Neuroscience and I am thinking about Nurse Practitioner in the future. My GPA is scratching bare minimum for most programs (3.0 for last 90 units) but I plan to increase it with the prereqs. I am going to work as an EMT and take prerequisite classes right now during my gap year before I start applying to nursing programs. BUT, I'm still a little lost which path I should take. Should I apply to the 12-15 month ABSN programs and then work as an RN for a while and then eventually pursue my masters as an NP? OR should I go straight through and do the MSN-E program since it basically is a combination of ABSN and then work+part time master's work done online (according to the programs I've been looking at). I am not sure which one would be a better option.

ALSO, I accidentally took the wrong prereq Anatomy and Physiology class since I took a combination class and a lot of schools ask for it separately. This means I probably will take a longer time than just one year to complete all the prereqs for most programs. Is there any option anyone would recommend would be better, time-wise?

Thank you!


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Are you sure the schools won't accept your A&P course? With my experience, accredited schools will accept A&P 1 and 2 sequence for anatomy and physiology. I think the way the courses are listed is a regional thing. Look at the fine print or call before you waste more time and money.

Time wise, a direct entry msn is better since your goal is a NP. Seamless transition and you don't have to apply to two different programs/schools if you went the absn route.