Accelerated BSN programs



So I am a junior in undergrad and I have been back and forth between wanting to become a NP or a PA. I have finally decided that I want to do nursing. I would have to get into an accerated BSN program.

However, my parents are paying for my undergraduate education, and I will pay for anything after that. My mom thinks it would be great for me to be a NP, but she is leaning towards me going to PA school instead because she feels that she wasted her money sending me to college just so that I have to get another bachelor's degree. She said I need to convince her that it is the smart thing to do, so if anyone could help me out on what to say to her, I would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you!


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I don't see why your mom thinks she wasted her money... After all, you are IN college, and learning is a great thing, even if your first degree isn't used in quite the same way that a nursing degree would be. You still learn valuable tools and skills in any area of study.

I'd mention that if you don't do what you genuinely want to do, you may just have trouble finishing it anyway - I've known people to just drop out of a program because it wasn't what they really wanted, and they started all over. Your mom may want you to go to PA school, but in the end, it's your life, your future and your career.


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I completely agree. And don't get me wrong, my mom wants me to be happy and do what I want, and I understand her reservations, but I think you are right. And especially since I will be paying for any education after undergrad including any nursing programs. So thanks!