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Accelerated BSN Programs still accepting applications for Fall 2020


Hi Everyone!

I was wondering if anyone was in a similar boat as me and is looking for accelerated nursing programs still accepting applications for a fall 2020 start cohort. I found a few on NCAS, but was wondering if there were any other ones through the school's website.

I appreciate anyone's input!



Is there a specific state that you were looking to apply to or it doesn’t matter?

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Hi! I live in NJ but am open to locations! As long as the program is under 50ishk


My name is Jules and I live in Southern California. So far I have applied to Creighton University in Phoenix Arizona, it’s a little over 50k though. Which is why I applied to Baldwin Wallace University(still accepting) in Ohio, it’s $38,200 not including student insurance, the graduate apartment for 12months lease is $7,200(single occupant) but, if they they don’t have anything available, the cost of living in Ohio is less. I thought about applying to Kent state university(still accepting), I think it’s between $40,000-45,000. Grand Canyon University in Tucson Arizona is still accepting for Fall 2020 but I don’t know the cost, I assume it is inexpensive. Ideally, I would love to attend a school in Texas but it seems like the next start date for most of Absn programs starts Spring 2021. University of Saint Thomas in Houston Texas is still accepting applications but it is on the high side($63,000). I am going to keep looking and I’ll update you if I find other programs. Hope this helps a little bit.

I have applied to and been accepted to a couple of ABSN programs within the past month. Although things are filling up, some schools still have openings and people change their minds. Most of the schools I've been applying to are in PA. It depends how many prerequisites you would need though and whether you could get them done before the fall. Look for schools that have multiple start dates a year because they usually operate on rolling admissions.

Thank you guys very much I really appreciate your input! I will look into all of these schools!