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Hi everyone. I have been accepted into a 12 month ABSN program that begins this May, and am currently looking for ways to finance it. Has anyone doing an ABSN gotten the Nurse Corps scholarship? For those who have done an ABSN, how did you go about financing it? I do anticipate to have some help paying through my family, but am looking for any possible scholarship or grant opportunities that will help me avoid more loans. If you have any suggestions or even just can tell me what your financing situation was, it would be greatly appreciated! Thanks 

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Hi mariko,

I completed a 16-month ABSN and received an HRSA Nurse Corps scholarship. The scholarship helped me immensely - paid for my entire tuition and gave me a monthly stipend ~$1500 each month. My program also started in May and this was considered "Summer semester." For this reason, Nurse Corps paid tuition for this semester. I would strongly encourage you to read through the application guidance handbook - it shares tips that help submit a strong application including essay responses and letters of recommendation. 

A couple of things to consider with this scholarship is that it requires a minimum of a 2-year commitment at an eligible facility. Depending on where you live it may or may not impact your options for employment. The entire scholarship (tuition payments and stipends) is also taxed - this means your tuition disbursements are reduced d/t taxes and you will have to pay some tuition.

There is also a VA scholarship that offers a similar award package and work requirements.

I hope this information is helpful! Take care!




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