Accelerated BSN and externship... possible?



I'm wondering if anybody who is in an accelerated BSN program that does not have summer breaks has done an externship? If so, can you tell me how it went? I am in a 2 year BSN program that goes year round (National University in San Diego, CA). I found out that my first choice hospital has an externship for the summer. I do not know the details as far as when it starts, but she did say you follow your preceptor for their shift so it's 3 12 hour shifts every week. Although this would be hard for me, I would still want to do it if it was possible because I need the experience. I'm just not sure if it would even be possible as I would be going to school full time and working. Plus, the nurses schedule may conflict with school...

Any advice or anybody's experience with this would be great to hear. I'm thinking I may just have to get a CNA position and forget about externing...

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I'm trying to do the same thing. You need to check with the hospital, each varies so much. Also, I'm wondering if being in school will hurt our apps. Good luck, let me know how it goes.


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They won't even know for sure if they're doing the externship this year and how many spots they'll have until April. I was wondering the same thing though, if they'll even consider somebody who is not on break.

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I run a summer externship -- and it would not work in my program. The extern needs to be available to work when it fits the hospital schedule. We won't build the extern's schedule to suit her school schedule.

With over 50 applicants for about 10 externships each year, we can be choosey. We choose students who can committ to us full time for the summer with their job for us as their primary focus.

Not all programs are the same. If you shop around, you might be able to find a program that will allow you work part time or one that will tailor your work schedule to suit your needs. But in a situation like ours, where there are more applicants than positions, many extern programs will not want to work around your school demands.


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That's what I was thinking, I wouldn't expect them to work around my schedule. The same hospital sometimes has a winter externship which I am not sure how that works but that may be something more doable. They didn't have one this year though =( no funding I heard, so I'm worried they won't have one this year either. I'm going to keep looking though!