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accelerated BSN or direct entry MSN?

by whoopdedoo22 whoopdedoo22 (New) New Pre-Student

I've been considering becoming a nurse practitioner. since I'm not a nursing major, I'd need to either enroll in either an accelerated ADN/BSN program, work as a RN, and then do a bridge program to get my MSN, or enroll in a direct entry MSN program. I've asked a similar question on reddit and I've been told to do an accelerated ADN/BSN because direct entry MSN grads have a hard time getting jobs due to insufficient work experience. the direct entry MSN program I'm looking at (UT Austin) lets you attend school part time after you get your RN so that you could work and gain clinical experience though, but I'm not sure how realistic that is, given that I'd imagine that balancing working as a RN and getting your MSN would be pretty hard. I feel iffy about getting a BSN and then getting a MSN through a bridge program, it seems like you'd be making yourself jump through a bunch of hoops and it seems very complicated.

An RN is an RN, you can find a job somewhere entry level regardless. Doing the MSN directly puts you ahead of schedule for finishing whatever specialty you want as an RN. Some Post-masters NP certification programs don’t require experience to start your courses and if you’re willing to relocate, there are some NP residencies you can apply to in order to get experience, at the cost of being paid about half the regular np rate that year.

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