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I am about to graduate from college with a B.S. in Health Sciences. My overall GPA is going to be about a 2.95. My problem is that I have gotten a C in Microbiology, Organic Chemistry and General Chem 1. I also have already retaken A&P 1 so I really cannot retake many more classes. In my last few semesters, I finished with good grades. Although it took me awhile, I finally believe I became a good student and my grades have improved greatly.

I have also been a CNA for two years. I truly love what I do and finally have realized that I want to have a career in nursing. I believe that regardless of my mistakes the first few years of school, I would be an amazing nurse. After a first round of ABSN applications, I was denied. Does anyone have any advice on how I can get accepted to an ABSN program? Are there any suggestions for schools on the east coast? Specifically Philadelphia area.

Thank you!!

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I ended up doing an ADN after my Biology BS. Didn't feel like moving far away and paying for tons of ABSN apps. I'm finishing my RN-BSN now. paid less than 20k total for adn+bsn as opposed to upwards of 75-100k for ritzy bsn at duke. just saying, there are upsides to that path.

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If you are truly determined to get into an accelerated nursing program, then you will have to improve your GPA. In order to do this, I would recommend retaking some of those courses that you received a C grade in, particularly organic chemistry. I think that would demonstrate that you are really committed and can also handle the rigors of an accelerated nursing program. Programs are typically looking for candidates that they believe can successfully make it through the program, and these programs are tough because you are taking nursing courses over a condensed period of time (since you already have a previous Bachelor's degree and have taken the science courses). Best of luck to you!

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