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I work ortho, and we use PCA's all the time. The hips and knees have IVFs and abx along with pca morphine. Usually the ivfs do not have dextrose, but sometimes they do. Anyway, we run the fluids continuous with the abx as the secondary on the pump. The pca is hooked in further down on the line. So if the pt pushes the button, morpine and abx are being given at the same time. Also, occasionally the pca has a continuous dose going. Is this mixing of drugs ok? The hip pts usually have one peripheral site, knees have two, but the 2nd one is for reinfusing their blood from the constavac drain.


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depends on the med. Many abx are compatible through a y-connector. We have charts on all the wards that show compatibilties for commonest meds (includes in which flds and if there's no info). This is for many meds, not just abx. Other examples are heparin and insulin, both are compatible with many other meds through a y-connector. Do you have an educator in pharmacy who can investigate common meds for you? Getting a list approved saves on everyones time as it cuts down on calls to pharmacy to check on individual cases.

I hate seeing people with 2 or 3 IV's when 1 would do, esc if they are being poked a number of times. That's the IV nurse in me talking!

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