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Abuse or not abuse?

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So this happened a while ago while I was in inpatient, I was on a lot of drugs so the memories are somewhat blurry.

I can't remember much of what led up to this but, I was freaking out to a nurse(guy nurse, I think) because he just wouldnt get away from me. I was screaming at his face, I warned him if he didnt get away from me, I'd slap him. A lot of the rest is blurry, but I remember defently being tied up on the bed really tightly, like jesus on the cross style. It was painful. and I was left alone for while.

Abuse or not?

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Meriwhen is a ASN, BSN, RN and specializes in Psych ICU, addictions.

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Your questions are impossible to answer as we only have one side of the story to go on...and you also admit to being on drugs and having a "somewhat blurry" memory of the event. Not saying that what you're saying isn't true, but that its accuracy could be considered questionable in light of your admission.

If you feel that abuse has occured, you will need to talk to legal counsel, as we at allnurses.com can not give legal advice. If you are feel traumatized or still dealing with your feelings from what happened, please seek psychatric help and/or therapy as we also can't give medical advice.

Best of luck.

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