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Absolute minimum duties for Staff Development

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Hi everyone! I have worked in Staff Development for about 7 years now. I work in the LTC field and am growing increasingly tired of LTC in general. I love working with the elderly and most of the people at my facility, but I am fed up with the regulatory aspects and scrutiny that we face everyday. I am thinking about excepting a position as a school nurse at an elementary school near my home. I don't want to leave my LTC facility high and dry, so I'm considering staying for 20 hours a week to do the 'staff development " part of my job. As many of you in staff development know and have experienced, my job includes a lot of HR type functions that a RN isn't required to do. My question is... What is the absolute minimum roles and responsibilites for my job just as a staff development nurse? Sad to say, I've taken on so many different responsibilites, I've forgotten what my "required RN" tasks are. Any and all help will be greatly appreciated! Oh yes we are 100 bed facility and staff approx. 170 people. :)

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I think it depends on your facility. I am responsible for mandatory education for our 650+ employees, I coordinate the ACLS courses (another instructor manages the CPR). We have our own infection control nurse that takes care of that issue. It's such a multi-task for many of us that are in staff devel/ nurse education etc. I also teach a Preceptor, Charge nurse class and have put together a Professional nurse development course. Many of us in staff development work so many different jobs it just depends on ancillary staff that can assist or take over portions. Good luck!

Oh this rings oh so true! LTCF are famous for piling on the work, but next to never give you the recognition or pay you deserve. I have been the Staff Developer for a LTCF for going on 3 years now and my duties include...labs, educational inservices, tb shots for all employees and residents(now we have 154 residents and close to 2,000 employees), care plan meetings, flu/pneumo shots for all residents with a consent, hiring new employees, general orientation of new employees, keeping record of payroll action forms, cpr cards, tb certifications, making sure licenses/certificates are up-2-date, I am a certified tb instructor, I am Director of the CNA training group, and I do end of the month recaps...yeah my life at work is pretty busy

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