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ABSN School Recommendations


Hi all! I will be graduating with a Bachelors in Human Physiology in June and I am hoping to attend an Accelerated BSN program after taking a gap year. I'm from the PNW and am pretty familiar with nursing schools in Washington and Oregon, but don't know very much about accelerated nursing programs elsewhere in the U.S. and wanted to ask you all what schools I should consider applying to.

Here are some of my stats for reference:

B.S. Human Physiology; GPA: 3.96 (NursingCAS)

Typical prerequisites completed: Anatomy Physiology (A+), Microbiology (A), Nutrition (A+), Statistics (A+), Developmental Psych (A+), Organic Chemistry 1 (A), Gen Psych (Unfortunately I pass/no passed this class even though I got a B+ so don't know if nursing schools will take it).

Healthcare experience: Limited (for now at least) 😞 I got my CNA last Summer and was rooming patients at a medical clinic for underserved people from October up until last month (64 hours-trying to increase this to 200 hours this Summer & already have ~90 volunteer hours at the front desk); Planning on working as a CNA during my gap year to increase my direct patient care hours as well.

Other relevant experiences: Teaching assistant in medical terminology, anatomy & physiology (3 years), lifeguard (4 summers), human cadaver dissection course in college, peer advisor for my major's department (2 years), member of a collegiate a cappella group (2.5 years), and grew up in the Netherlands.

I'm really excited about becoming a nurse and want to give myself the best possibility of getting into a reputable nursing school this upcoming application cycle. If there are any ABSN alumni or other aspiring nurses who have applied to awesome schools, I'd love to hear what you have to say. I'm also not opposed to considering entry-level master's programs or 3-year BSNs, but an ABSN program is where I'd truly love to end up. Thank you so much for your input and stay healthy out there!