ABSN: SAT scores- how old can scores be before you have to retake?


How long can you have your SAT scores before they "expire" and you have to retake them?

Some ABSN programs (like VCU) I'm applying to require SAT scores still.........

I took my SAT back in the summer of 2006, but I'm worried that the scores are too old now. I got a 2160 (Verbal 670, Math 780, Writing 710) but will that even matter if I took it at least 5 years ago???

Any insight is appreciated!


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You need to call the school. ETS only holds scores for 5 years. Most schools require the scores be sent directly from ETS.

I have never heard of an ABSN program requiring SAT scores. In order to apply to an ABSN program, you have graduated from college and the SAT is a useless test for you as it is used as a predictor for success in college and you have demonstrated such by graduating. I have seen some ABSN programs require various entry tests and even the GRE.

If you still have an official copy of your scores, you can ask to see if you can send them the copy. Otherwise, you will likely have to take the exam again if that is the program you wish to attend. I know, a waste of time and money.

My ABSN program requires the GRE.