Absn program or adn to bsn?


Hi guys! I'm currently a senior in undergrad trying to see where to apply to and where I want to go for nursing school. I have two options:

1. ABSN at Samuel merritt University (12 mo. At $73,000k) and start working right after.

2. Get my associates at a CC for $6,000 tuition in 4 semesters. Then work as an RN for a little bit (while applying), then apply for an adn to bsn program at Sacramento state which is about another 6,000 for 1 year.

I'm in my fourth year of undergrad and graduating this quarter...and I believe I'm qualified for financial aid up to 7 years? Does this mean my financial aid will cover both of my two options as long as I finish within 2.5 years? I will be working in California so I do not know if that matters whether one program is preferred over the other. When hospitals are hiring, do they look at how you get your bsn and not hire you because you got your associates first?

you have omitted another option... you can always attend a traditional BSN program and have your BSN in same amount of time as you would an ADN... that's what I did.

As far as financial aid -- Look at the programs very carefully, most financial aid will not pay for an associate degree once you already have a bachelor's. And many will not pay for a second Bachelor degree.

Best of luck.


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Because the bsn programs are so competitive around Davis.... Like sac State I'm not even applying because my GPA is not up there hahahaha

I'm wondering if those who have had their bachelor's degree already can apply to Samuel Merritt bsn program?