ABSN or Masters Entry Level? Help!



I am currently a junior in college and am going to earn my degree in Human Development and Family Sciences with a human service option and a minor in psychology. I have a 3.4 GPA. I originally wanted to get my pHD in psychology, but recently have changed my mind to becoming a psychiatric nurse practitioner.

I am wondering what the best track to go is..I know there are ABSN programs, where you can enter into a masters program specializing later..but there are also MEPN programs, where you can start your masters right away.

Also--If anyone has any information on what schools offer ABSN and Masters Entry Level programs, that would be beyond helpful!

Thanks so much!


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Google "second degree BSN (whatever state you are in)" That should bring up the available ABSN programs in your state


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I'd recommend applying to both direct entry and accelerated programs! I did! Mostly direct entry though. Narrow down your best options of schools and start preparing your application materials right now. Don't await until august or whenever. And I'm pretty sure their is a website that shows all accelerated programs and direct entry programs. Just search for it and find the schools that interest you most! And that you are qualified to apply to, meaning ones with the prerequisites you already have or you can complete with acceptable grades in your senior year.